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Keeping your data highly protected through redundant storage at multiple physical locations. OAuth and granular access controls form strong, configurable security. Though Cloud Storage can be accessed with a simple API, advanced feature sets add flexibility and power. Object versioning, parallel uploads and CRC-based integrity checking give developers the ability to create robust, sophisticated applications.

You can access the API using XML or JSON directly, or use libraries for several popular programming languages. You can choose a storage solution that fits the nature of your data, whether it’s Standard Storage or Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) Storage. Like other Cloud Platform services, you pay just for what you use. You can also serve static objects directly from Cloud Storage or use it as a data store for other products.

Access your storage from BigQuery, App Engine, or other Cloud Platform services. Your data is accessible via an authenticated RESTful API that provides speed, flexibility, and OAuth-backed security.